Corporate Garment Care Service Program-

We understand that as an employer, one key challenge you face is to find innovative, low-cost ways to increase productivity and maintain positive morale within your workforce. Cloud Dry Cleaning & Laundry Delivery is here to offer you an opportunity to meet this challenge.

We are extremely pleased to offer our unique Corporate Service Program to you and your staff. Our mission is to give your employees more time, less stress and quality cleaning second to none. We are confident that, once you experience our outstanding quality and service, this program will become a valued part of your employee benefits package.

With our Corporate Service Program, you and your associates will receive ALWAYS FREE PICK UP & DELIVERY to and from your office, competitive rates for dry cleaning/laundry services, alterations, and leather repair/restoration as well as loyalty and referral discounts. Our program not only saves your employees time and money but also provides an innovative, low-cost way for your business to differentiate you from other corporate competitors.

Join the growing number of companies who are adding the Cloud Corporate Garment Care Services to their employee benefits packages. Take advantage of our non-disruptive service and these added benefits now:

• Always free pick-up/delivery Monday and Friday
• Quick turnaround (Friday’s pick-up delivered on Tuesday)
• Handy credit card payment
• Saving of time, effort and gas
• Account info, order and payment history online
• Email or text notification reminders of pick-up/delivery/order log-in

Your dry cleaner should care as much about your appearance as you do. At Cloud Dry Cleaning & Laundry Delivery, we are willing to go the extra mile so you don’t have to. We are dedicated to helping you and your employees look and feel your best!

Please contact us directly with any questions and to set up your pick-up/delivery spot!


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Residential & Office Building Program-

Offer your tenants and prospective tenants an excellent service that ensures that they enjoy stress-free profession or living within your building or apartment community.  Research has shown that when tenants have value-adding, convenient features within their community, they not only stay longer but feel comforted in knowing that their monthly dollars are going towards a great service to their neighbors.  Cloud will work with you to establish either a central pick up/drop off area or if you have a secure gated community, we will set up door-to-door valet service on designated days.  Ask about our rebate program to help ensure your costs stay in line.


Need more info? Contact Mel Howell directly at 619-507-5364 or email for more information.